Why DeMOMocrat?

Another blog????


I’ve been blogging for years over at “The Cam Fam” which started as a way for me to journal life with my young kids. Over the years I’ve started to write more and more about politics and my views on the world. I decided I wanted to keep the “family stuff” separate from the “political stuff.” So, that’s why I started this blog. Now, of course, I can’t really write about my views on the world without sharing about my own life experiences. Everything I do these days is seen through the lens of being a mom. So, I can’t keep these two worlds completely separate. But if you’re looking for cute stories about my three boys, head to kcamfam.blogspot.com. If you want my insights and views on current events, politics, the ridiculousness that is Donald Trump and why I think the way I do, then you’re in the right place.

Over time I plan to transfer to “Demomocrat” from “The Cam Fam” many of my posts that sway more political. In the meantime…enjoy my first Demomocrat post: “Maybe Donald Trump is Good for Something!”

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